Work Authorization (CPT, OPT, Internships)

More information about CPT, OPT, and Internships for F-1 students is available on our website here:

I-20 Extension, I-20 Updates, or Transfer-Out

For questions about updating information on your I-20 document, including extending the end date of your degree program, name and address changes, program of study, or to transfer your F-1 status to another U.S. institution.

Travel/Visa Renewal/Passport Renewal

Do you have travel plans and want to check the requirements to enter the U.S. from abroad, or questions about how to update your travel documents? Choose this option. To obtain a travel authorization signature on your I-20 you can come to our office in person (Gayley Center 2nd Floor) Monday - Thursday, email, or submit a request on our website here:

Reduced Courseload, Leave of Absence, or Withdrawal

If you find you need to drop some of your classes, depart the U.S. and end your coursework for now or permanently, please choose this option.

Something else?

If you don't see an option here that's related to your specific questions, please choose this option and provide a description of your questions so that I can review them prior to our meeting.

In-Person Appointments & Document Pickup

**Mondays and Thursdays only** If you need to pick up a document on a day other than Monday or Thursday, please let me know and I can arrange for another advisor to assist you in-person.